In the third part of our blog post series we provide a short overview about methods and tools that you may use for measuring impact for your startup. in this blog post we focus on scorecard approaches. Process based approaches (Theory of Change) will be discussed in th...

In a Q&A style blog we have collected key questions from startups attempting to measure sustainability impact. We provide short answers and links to the most relevant resources in case you want to look into the topic a little deeper. These are all practice oriented...

In collaboration with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Technical University Berlin and SHIFT we have developed an overview about tools, concepts, software and ideas that are in our opinion helpful for impact measurement for st...

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  • This website informs about an ongoing research project on impact measurement for startups.

  • We provide a standardized method for measuring sustainability impact from new ventures.

  • We help startups to understand, measure, compare and improve sustainability value.

  • Specifically designed to the needs of startups.

  • Adjusting measurement complexity with the growth of the venture.

  • A learning journey for participating new ventures.

  • Valuable information for investors, accelerators and those interested to maximize sustainability impact for each Euro, Dollar or other currency invested.

  • In the future, we additionnaly plan to provide predictive analytics allowing to estimate sustainability potential - early stage.


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