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" 1.) Selecting the right ventures with the highest impact potential and 2.) understanding which performance criteria other than economic success we should track and measure are two important goals of this benchmark that are of potential interest for incubators and accelerators"


  • We provide a user friendly google sheets based impact evaluation for your ventures

  • Within about three 45 minutes webinar sessions, you ventures will be able to complete a full cycle of impact identification and impact quantification (as well as optionally monetization of these indicators).

  • The indicators consider all dimensions of sustainability, to be sure to include as well tradeoffs between different sustainability outcomes.

  • Results may remain confidential, or may be used by startups, or on an aggregated level by incubators and accelerators to openly communicte performance

  • You receive access to a standardized method evaluating sustainability impact potential of your current and future ventures, helping you to be more efficient in choosing your new ventures.

  • You receive an "externally developed, independent" overall score or monetized impact value of your ventures that you may use to communicate to your supporters, capital suppliers and future startups

  • You may use the benchmark to compare your incubator/accelerators sustainability impact performance with startups in other accelerators and receive personalized information on which criteria your startups differ compared to the top 20% performing startups.Y

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